Founded in early April 2008, Panenmaya begun with only focusing on SEO. With the digital landscape constantly expanding in the country, Panenmaya naturally extended its reach through Brand Optimization, In Depth Digital Marketing, Website Development, Media Planning, E-Commerce, Online Advertising, and App Development.

By 2015, Panenmaya Group was founded providing the basis for other business units such as Panenmaya Media Group which include The Gaspol, Japanese Station, Simamaung, and Info Bandung; Retail Store Management providing our own products such as Tokotako, Cakning, Sociolify and Towie; Panenmaya Technohub as well as Panenmaya CSR.

In a world where digital has become a crucial part of any brand and/or company, our finders envisioned that Panenmaya will accomodate the needs of clients through all aspects of their digital media platforms suported by the knowledge of our dynamic and ambitious team.

Today, Panenmaya has worked with more than 100 clients across Indonesia and is the Global Official Facebook Afliate Partner. As a Digital Consultant, we are ready to nurture your brand from the seed to the finest harvest providing beyond the brief with measurable results.